About Maintenance Free for 3

If you purchased a new or used vehicle from Mathew's Lincoln after February 11, 2019, you are automatically eligible for free maintenance for the first 3 years you own your vehicle.

How To Qualify

- Mathew's Lincoln Maintenance is ONLY available to vehicle owners who purchase a new or used vehicle from Mathew's Lincoln (the Issuing Dealer) during the program period. 
- This program is not valid for prior purchase transactions.

How to Maintain Eligibility

- Vehicle owners must have all factory required and recommended maintenance performed at the dealership
- Maintenance is only performed at the recommended times by the Manufacturer
- The plan expires when the covered vehicle is sold or ownership is transferred


1. No cost for maintenance for 3 years 
2. Factory Trained Technicians performing your maintenance 
3. Longer vehicle life with proper maintenance 
4. Helps maintain the highest residual value 
5. Save money during the lifetime of ownership

3 years complimentary maintenance for any new or used vehicle purchased after 2/11/19. Includes oil change and tire rotation on every new ford or any used vehicle valued over $10,000. All Maintenance must be done at Mathew's Lincoln Marion for the first 3 years, or it voids the program. Maintenance only will be performed at the recommended times by the manufacturer. Vehicle Owner is responsible for payment of any and all applicable taxes and charges (maintenance after the first 3 years, parts and other services). Expires after 3 years of purchase date or when vehicle ownership is transferred.